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       Welcome to The Indeed Project.   This site is an attempt to give a definitive answer to a question often asked by Stargate SG-1 fans and cast & crew members of the show as well:  "How many times did Teal'c say the word, "Indeed" during the show's 10-year run?"   The data contained in these pages is the result of untold hours, over a period of about three months, of repeated episode reviews, transcript searches, cross-referencing and verification by myself and my Associate Reviewers.   While we make no claim of infallibility, I am confident to a point very close to certainty that we have identified and listed every time that Teal'c has uttered the word "Indeed" throughout the series.   Should you find an "Indeed" anywhere in the series that is not listed here, please me so that it can be added (after verification) to this site, along with appropriate credit to you.

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The Indeeds
       There are two types of "Indeeds" spoken by Teal'c in the series, the Stand Alone and the Sentence.
Stand Alone Indeed
       This is a single "Indeed", spoken by Teal'c as a one-word sentence.
Carter:  " So, you do your interview with the documentary crew yet? "
Teal'c:  " Indeed. "
Sentence Indeed
       This is an "Indeed" spoken by Teal'c that is contained within a sentence.
O'Neill:  " Cabin pressure's holding.  We didn't spring a leak…though I may have just…taken one ! "
Teal'c:  " Our situation has indeed worsened. "
       All "Indeeds" are listed by season and can be accessed from the menus at the top and bottom of each page.   Each is listed with the episode that it occurs in, along with the Indeed Type and the time into the episode that it is spoken.   Time codes are taken from the Region 1 release of each season's DVD Box Set and may or may not be accurate for other releases.   Season totals are at the bottom of each Season Page and Series totals and other statistics are listed on the Stats Page.
Cast Indeeds
       Just for fun, we have also included a listing of Cast Indeeds.   A Cast Indeed occurs whenever a character other than Teal'c says a
Stand Alone Indeed.   No effort was made to chronicle the times that cast members other than Teal'c used the word indeed in a sentence.
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